Discover why GloPRO
is the must-have beauty device for 2017.

Why Do I Need It?
The Benefits Of GloPRO®

Enhances the performance of your favorite serums and creams

You spend a lot of money on your skincare, why not let GloPRO help you maximize the benefits that your favorite products promise?

Safe at-home microneedling treatments without the down time

Let’s face it, microneedling sounds scary but the effects are wowtastic. Get all of the results without any of the fear factor.

Helps to smooth, firm and brighten skin

GloPRO helps to exfoliate, visibly firm the skin, address the loss of volume and give the skin a fuller, more radiant-looking appearance.

Addresses the look of:

Eleven Lines
Crow's Feet
Lip Lines
Smile Lines
Pore Size

Less expensive than one microneedling treatment at the spa

Medical microneedling is expensive. Just one treatment will run at least $350 and a series of 3 can cost over $1,000. GloPRO is a fraction of that cost and it's yours forever.

Show Me The Proof

Clinical Study

Photos after 4 weeks of using GloPRO® 3x per week.

Before and After Before and After

User Perception Study

In a consumer study using GloPRO® 3 times per week for 30 days, subjects reported the following benefits:

felt their skin looked younger after using GloPRO®
saw an improvement in the look of skin's firmness
saw an improvement in the evenness of their skin tone
would consider GloPRO® an alternative to cosmetic fillers
"The Wrinkle Smoother"
"...tighten skin, and decrease fine lines..."
"This does, in fact, work! Our tester saw tighter and brighter skin after using the tool for just a month."
"Best At-Home Microneedling Tool"
"Beauty's New Cult Device"

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Why GloPRO is the Leader of Safe,
At-Home Microneedling

GloPRO is a safe, at-home, patented version of microneedling. This technology triggers your skin to respond with a fuller, more voluminous look. Not only will your skin look fuller, plumper, and rejuvenated, but you can see the decrease in the appearance of lines and indentations while helping increase absorption of your favorite products. Because the needles on GloPRO are smaller than medical microneedling, it doesn’t require an office visit and the benefits achieved can be comparable with continued use. The results are visibly glowing skin that both you and everyone else will notice. That’s one less trip to the spa and hundreds of dollars in savings over time.

How GloPRO Works

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